YouAccess is a free (donationware ) lifesaver console µapplication intended for SQL management of Microsoft® Access™ databases from command line, including creating them. To create a new database simply execute the program with a unique argument that will be the name of the database file, mdb extension is added automatically. F.e:

>> youaccess accounts

...this creates a database with filename accounts.mdb.

Once this is done (or even initially, creating the database and table at the same time) you can for example add additional tables using SQL or the table generator:

>> youaccess accounts "CREATE TABLE clients (id AUTOINCREMENT, name VARCHAR(200), address TEXT, birthdate DATETIME, class INTEGER)"

The rest is SQL. Everything you can make using the language you can make it from here, hopefully. For example add data to the table:

>> youaccess accounts "INSERT INTO clients (name, address, birthdate, class) VALUES ('Ignacio', 'C/Perl 5, 7', '1/2/1933', 1)"

...and to print the data in the table:

>> youaccess accounts "SELECT * FROM clients"

You can too, for example, create new indexes using:

>> youaccess accounts "CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_clients ON [clients] (id)"

Well, in general should be more or less all that Jet SQL allows you to do.

© 2012 - 2018 Ignacio Javier "igjav". Not enough?, you might try Cooled Universal Table Editor.